What we do

WebShar helps you achieve real business value from your software engineering organization with a combination of software strategy, architecture, software development and technical operations.

Software Strategy

WebShar works with you to understand your goals and design a software strategy that helps you achieve them. Whether you are looking to rapidly innovate, stabilize a new product for market readiness or want to put your best foot forward for third-party audits. We have the depth of expertise to help you.

Operational Support

WebShar helps you design and deliver operational plans, procedures and tools for running effective development teams. This means your software engineering organization runs like a well-oiled machine, producing real value.

Software Development

WebShar's expert team is available to develop and implement software solutions that meet your needs and solve your most challenging business and organizational issues. We have deep expertise in custom software development in current generation technologies

List of Technologies

With our cutting-edge technical expertise and extensive knowledge,
we help deliver a range of technologies to our clients

Machine Learning and Data Science

Leverage our real-world experience to setup an effective organization that delivers machine learning and data science value instead of one-off science projects. Our experienced team helps you organize your work, create, train, test and deploy machine learning models. We also help you communicate about the machine learning work to key stakeholders to demonstrate value.

Cloud Computing

Our team has been delivering secure, scalable and highly available solutions leveraging public and private clouds for over a decade. We have a full depth of experience in managing your cloud presence at all levels of scale, leveraging the right mixture of tools and technologies to meet your business needs.

Natural Language Processing

With proven delivery experience the WebShar team is well situated to help you leverage the power of natural language processing in your technology stack. We help all the way from determining applicability to solution delivery involving natural language processing. Our team has a full range of expertise in underlying technologies ranging from deterministic and rules-based to deep-learned NLP.

Internet Security

WebShar team’s deep expertise helps you go beyond a patchwork of security widgets to a comprehensive security and privacy posture that serves your business needs centered around risk management.

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